Getting active

  • International Militar Pilgrimage

    from 05/15/2015
    to 05/17/2015

    International Militar Pilgrimage

    The International Military Pilgrimage is a major gathering for the Catholic military chaplaincy, and is a spiritual event as well as a festive and brotherly one.

  • Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust

    from 04/04/2015
    to 04/12/2015

    Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust

    The HCPT pilgrimage takes many handicapped young people to Lourdes.

  • Order of Malta International Pilgrimage

    from 05/01/2015
    to 05/05/2015

    Order of Malta International Pilgrimage

    The Order of Malta is an international charity. Every year in May, it organises an international pilgrimage bringing together volunteers from all over the world.

  • Tour de France in the Pyrenees

    from 07/15/2015
    to 07/15/2015

    Tour de France in the Pyrenees

    As is customary every year, the Tour de France will pass through the Pyrenees, near our town. On 15 July, the racers will arrive at Cauterets, at a few kilometers from Lourdes after crossing our city...