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Jubilee of Mercy

From 8th December 2015 to 20th November 2016, Lourdes will live at the pace of the extraordinary Jubilee decided by Pope Francis to celebrate time of Mercy.

Why come to Lourdes to experience this Jubilee?

Procession aux Flambeaux- Incontournables

Ever since the Apparitions of Virgin Mary in 1858, millions of pilgrims have come to Lourdes: either they have the faith or they wonder about the meaning of their life, and every one experiences grace and love.

Lourdes Sanctuary is known worldwide as a privileged place of Mercy. The presence of the sick or disabled, of members of the hospitality and pilgrims from all over the world is its symbol. They all come here to look for something they will not find elsewhere: reconciliation, consideration and joy. The Jubilee of Mercy in Lourdes will be the opportunity, for millions of pilgrims, by serving others to find a deeper meaning to their lives.

A Jubilee door in the Sanctuary

The starting event of the Jubilee year will be the opening of a Holy Door in Rome by Pope Francis, on 8th December. That same day, in Lourdes, a Holy door will be opened at Saint Michael’s gate in the Sanctuary. Getting through this door will symbolise the passing from thin to grace. 

A spiritual pathway

Rocher - Sanctuaires ND de Lourdes

A special pathway will be available to all pilgrims leading them from the door of Mercy to the Chapel of Reconciliation, the Grotto, the Baths, the Stations of the Cross and the various places that welcome and receive the sick. For each step, a special ritual will be proposed. A credential will be given in the Sanctuary to the pilgrims who came for the Jubilee of Mercy; it will mention the path that the pilgrim will go through and also his inside path.

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